Indian Media & Entertainment (M&E) Industry is on the cusp of achieving the same global success that the Indian IT industry has achieved. With a revenue of around $24 billion, the industry is undergoing a huge transformation and is witnessing an exponential growth in almost every M&E vertical.

Some of the factors that are driving this growth in India are favourable demographics, growing literacy, increasing affluence and evolution of technologies. India backed by a stable macroeconomic outlook and the government's 'Make in India' and 'Digital India' blueprints is strongly positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.

CII announces the 8th edition of its annual flagship event, the "Big Picture Summit" scheduled on November 14-15, 2019 in Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi.

CII has been engaging with the Indian Media and Entertainment sector for more than two decades now and the event is being steered by an active Committee on Media & Entertainment, which comprises 60-65 CEOs from the Industry covering broadcast, film, animation and gaming, new media etc.

The Big Picture is CII's annual flagship event for the M&E sector and one of the biggest Media Entertainment industry's gathering in the country. The Summit aims to bring together stakeholders and experts in the field under one platform to discuss 'big picture topics' and identify break-out growth opportunities for the sector.

As the industry adapts to emerging tech trends and embraces digital business models, a closer look is warranted at the immense talent pool that has been created over the years. A vibrant mix of creators, thinkers and artists – the M&E industry has one of the richest talent banks in the country. It is time to recognize this talent and further hone its potential in order to put India at par with the world's leading creative economies.

While a lot has been said about the size and scope of the various segments, limited emphasis has been placed on the real growth engine of the sector – the talent. The focus of this year's Summit Report is on this talent pool – understand the impact created by the M&E sector in building top notch talent and how these skills create a ripple effect for 'Digital India' as a whole. Equally important is the roadmap for the future on how the industry needs to continue investing behind and further enhancing these skill sets.

This year, CII looks forward to having top M&E minds – Indian and Global - to engage on how we can propel growth and talent development in the Indian M&E sector. We seek industry participation from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore.




This Summit brings forth a series of plenaries and conversations between Policy Makers and Leaders of India's Media & Entertainment Industry:

  • Keynote talks which outline the vision for the next decade and call for action towards building a world class creative economy for M&E Industry
  • In-depth thought leadership piece on the economic impact of jobs created in the M&E sector – synthesizing inputs and perspectives from stakeholders
  • Presentations from international speakers on nurturing the creative economy, incorporating best in class examples from around the globe
  • Series of moderated debates where Decision makers and Industry Stalwarts talk about the issues and next steps to drive the growth of M&E Industry


  • Game changers & trends which shape the M&E Space
  • Value added inputs which will define the future roadmap
  • New Tech Innovation & Services
  • Networking with Prominent Govt.& M&E Industrial game-changer
  • Cutting edge ideas, Discussions & B2B; B2G Meets


  • Pushing for the limits of growth, CII Big Picture has fuelled confidence in the Media and Entertainment Sector to believe in its ability if compete with the best in the world.
  • To achieve the growth target of $100 billion for the industry in the next 5 - 7 years.
  • To make it possible through its vision to create growth templates in all M&E verticals and bring the industry together so that they can speak in one voice in all major issues.
  • To make India the Global Media & Entertainment hub. Emerge as an annual meeting ground for the leaders to deliberate on the way forward for the sector to accelerate growth
  • Building M&E into economic powerhouse and target growing contribution to GDP.
  • To give potential investors a clear roadmap for the next decade through seminars



  • Policy makers, thought leader, M&E industry stakeholders & decision makers
  • Broadcaster, radio & music Industry
  • Post production Industry – VFX, AV/ Animation; Gaming Industry
  • Venture capitals, Pvt. equity firms & Banks
  • Knowledge consultants, Start-ups, Tech giants, Innovators
  • Networking with Top Managers whom are driving the sector i.e., the M&E domain
  • Independent Film Makers, Directors, Producers, Investors